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    Answers You Need

Business Owners: Ask Your CPA

Should your CPA be able to accurately discuss and answer the following questions, we would appreciate an introduction to discuss a possible client referral arrangement. Alternatively, if your CPA cannot accurately answer these questions, then we suggest you consider a second opinion - ours.

1. What are the ways to take tax free income from my S-Corp?

2. How do I deduct life insurance premiums without using a retirement plan?

3. How do I deduct all of my medical expenses and not be subject to the 10% AGI limitation?

4. How do I transfer money to my children which is tax deductible to my business, controlled by me, and not included by me for estate tax purposes?

5. How do I sell my business and escape income taxation on up to 70% of sale proceeds while giving the buyer a full tax deduction in the year paid?

6. How do I fund my Roth IRA or 401k with tax deductible dollars and not be limited to the annual contribution rules nor the income limitation when participating in a 401k or other qualified retirement plan?

7. Are there any tax deductions available for the many hours per week I work overtime?

8. How do I convert some of my income to a 4% annual tax rate and have these funds outside of my taxable estate for estate tax purposes?

9. I entertain employees, business customers and vendors in my home. Is there a tax deduction available?

10. How do I hire my children under 18 years of age and pay them by tax deductible dollars without incurring FICA taxes of 15.3% with no taxes to the child?

11. My children are in college and I am paying for this non-deductible expense. How do I get a tax deduction for the education expense?

12. My family vacations annually by staying at the home of a relative. Is there a tax deduction available?

13. What are the benefits of using a C-Corp in consent with an S-Corp? In this regard, what is the business purpose of the C-Corp?

14. I need to borrow money to finance my business operations and the lender requires annual financial statements. Are there strategies available that do not reduce my net income for financial statement purposes and also give me a tax break?

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