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    Answers For CPAs

Referral Arrangement
for Qualified CPAs

Hayward Tax Solutions LLC is not in the business of doing tax returns. For this reason, we often establish relationships with CPAs who come highly recommended by our clients and meet a stringent set of criteria. In other cases, CPAs come to us by word of mouth or via our web presence.If you are interested in learning more about our referral arrangement, we'd like to hear from you.

What is the benefit to me as a CPA?

We do not do tax returns; we design them and teach our partner CPAs how to implement various strategies appropriate for your client through a collaborative approach. These are not commonplace strategies one would expect to find built into a template. The level of knowledge will set you apart as a true expert in your field. Additionally, your clients will experience substantially lower taxes, better helping them to achieve their financial goals. Other benefits include:

Differentiation - Conservatively, we would estimate that 90%+ of CPAs do not know these strategies exist, let alone how to implement them correctly.

Client Retention - Sophisticated clients appreciate a proactive approach to tax planning. Our system tends to breed loyal clientele as a result.

Increased Billings - Experience reveals that business owner clients' annual billings will increase approximately 30% compared with those not employing strategies. This is not an issue because the tax savings to the client generally exceed the increase in billing.

Higher Sales Price for Your Firm When Exiting - A buyer will generally pay more for a firm with loyal clients, especially if they can get access to new, unique information such as our strategies. The increased revenue will increase the sales price of your firm.

We Will Refer Clients to You - Yes, if you qualify to work with us. We make this decision on a case by case basis and focus on firm size, types of clients served, and a genuine willingness to learn and grow.

Why have I not heard of Hayward Tax Solutions LLC before?

Quite frankly, we have not needed to market in order to generate new leads in the past. We are currently expanding due to a new strategic partnership and increase in supportive resources. This opportunity allows us to increase client capacity and seek out new potential alliances.

How does Hayward Tax Solutions LLC market to business owners?

We market to various trade groups, other advisors, and through multiples means such as speaking engagements, radio and internet. We also receive steady referrals through word of mouth from clients pleased with our services.

Why have I not learned of these strategies in the duration of my career or through CPE classes?

National CPA firms have developed proprietary strategies for their clients for decades and not shared them with other CPAs. They do not give away the intellectual capital they have spent valuable time and resources developing, and neither do we. In this way we are able to select CPAs who understand how this sets us apart and enables us to maintain a more exclusive, boutique clientele.

These strategies are new to me. How do I get comfortable with the strategies used?

We suggest starting slowly; concentrating on only a few of the strategies until we've earned your trust and your confidence has been established through working with several clients.Some of these strategies have taken years to develop. We understand and do not expect one to become proficient overnight. We offer periodic training sessions via WebEx, live seminars and an annual conference.

Will you support my firm on an audit?

Yes, we will help defend all of our strategies. We will not be responsible for audit items outside the scope of said strategies.

Will you review tax returns for proper reporting of strategies?

Yes, and we highly recommend it at least for a few years or until you are comfortable.

Do you charge fees for client referrals to CPAs?

We do require a fee arrangement on an annual basis. Please contact us to discuss the finer points of this arrangement.

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